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Establish a robust network of data sources to collect healthcare data, manage it, and analyze it for successful treatment planning and delivery.

The Need for Healthcare Data Collection

Healthcare data has allowed care providers to progressively diagnose patient health needs and proactively provide treatment. From pre-existing health conditions to co-morbidities, from reproductive outcomes to causes of death, and even quality of life; healthcare data captures details of every single patient.

Collecting healthcare data facilitates efficient communication between care providers, healthcare institutions, payors, and patients. Furthermore, systematically structured and maintained data also support healthcare compliance and regulations by provider institutions.

The need is undeniable. Hence, healthcare institutions of all sizes commit considerable resources in healthcare data collection.

Automated Collection and Maintenance of Healthcare Data

The transition from paper-based healthcare data collection to digital records has been underway for quite some time now. Healthcare facilities that have digitized their healthcare data collection process have saved millions in data management costs and significantly improved their quality of care.

Automated healthcare data collection has also allowed providers to:

  • Focus more on patient care, rather than the administrative tasks related to data capture

  • Access patient history and lifestyle records remotely for effective treatment planning

  • Utilize predictive analytics to ascertain parameters such as patient safety, illness and recurrence risk

  • Reduce patient wait-time, potential treatment costs, possibility of readmission and average hospital stay

However, automation of healthcare data collection and maintenance, while adhering to data privacy norms is a completely new function which provider institutions have to setup. While its feasible to do it internally, outsourcing healthcare data collection to an automation expert can expedite the digital transformation and prove to be cost effective.

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