Clover Global Services provide BPO Services, not limited to Practice Management, Coding Services, Insurance Billing, and Unparalleled Follow-Up for all medical specialties. Flexible solutions accommodate you & your staff.

CGS offer medical billing solutions for every stage of your practice lifecycle, from start to retirement. Whether you’re focusing on building patient volume, recovering declining revenues, repurposing your medical billing staff or easing into retirement, Clover global services is flexible enough to meet your changing needs. You can even switch between in-house billing & outsourcing at any time with ease.

Our goal is to become the smarter choice in the healthcare business processing outsourcing (BPO) market. This will be achieved through a strategy of complete focus in healthcare only verticals as our niche market and continuing to bring value through innovative solutions.

Our Specialties

Eligibility and Benefit Verification, Timely & Clean Claim Submission, Patient Insurance Pre-Authorization for Services, Unpaid Claim Follow Ups and Denial Management, Revenue Cycle Management, Healthcare, Insurance, BPO Services, PPO Insurance Re-Pricing Services, and Payroll Services


  • Our Vision is to create a transparent healthcare solution with upgraded automation & technology that ensures progressive relationship with our Business partners in


  • Consistently provide our clients with outstanding and highest level of quality services.
  • Effective and open line communication with our Internal and External partners.
  • Provide Solution that extract actionable insights and that improve our client revenue cycles.
  • Develop efficient and effective resources with RCM knowledge and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.


Make Money Easy And Safe Way

Here are my suggestions for convincing an incubator to choose your company:

1. Focus on the clearly identified market

problem that your product or service can address.

2. Demonstrate that you have validated the

fact that people will pay for your solution at a price that allows you to make significant profit

3. Show that you have sufficient management

and leadership skills in the business to realise your vision.

4. Show that you are coachable as a business

leader. (watch this video on how one

venture capitalist assesses his

opportunities How to Build a Long-Term Mentoring Relationship

5. Finally, be yourself. Be authentic and real.


Make Money Easy And Safe Way.