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Manage Provider Contracts and Credentials for your healthcare practice for sustainable care delivery and revenue optimization.

Understanding The Impact of Credentialing

Credentialing as a process is designed to document and verify the qualifications and background of licensed medical professionals. This helps healthcare institutions to evaluate and ensure every provider’s eligibility for providing patient care.

As health insurances plans are becoming broader in their coverage of treatments and care, credentialing has become very important for care providers. There are now fewer restrictions on pre-existing conditions and supplemental health services, along with mental and behavioral healthcare can significantly benefit from this.

With effective provider credentialing and contract management, healthcare institutions can increase their care delivery capacity and get paid 100% of time.

Credentialing as a Service

Credentialing and contract management has evolved to become such a standard practice in healthcare industry that numerous off-the-shelf credentialing software and tools are now available in the market.

But for healthcare centers offering supplemental care or treatment for mental and behavioral conditions, there are hardly any solutions which can be a complete fit. Furthermore, if a practice has no pre-defined credentialing and contract management system, then adopting a ready-made tool may be more of a hassle than solution.

Credentialing consulting services, on the other hand, facilitate this transition process for practices that are just at the beginner level. With expert teams investigating the status quo and developing a customized path to set up in-house credentialing and contract management, credentialing service providers offer comprehensive assistance.

Credentialing consulting services ensure that your providers are appropriately enrolled, and their credentials are matched with payor contracts to ensure maximized payouts. Furthermore, they help you establish data sources and contract management dashboards to sustainably manage credentialing for your practice.

Why Choose CGSPL Credentialing Services?

Whether you are a healthcare practitioner, payor, or provider; contract management and credentialing can have an incredible effect on your revenue cycle and. And if you need to build a credentialing system from ground up, partner with CGSPL to avail end-to-end credentialing solutions.

CGSPL’ credentialing services bring you the advisory and consulting support of healthcare management professionals with decades of experience and cross-specialty exposure. We facilitate:

  • Creation of a single source of truth for all contracts and terms of care

  • Complete assistance in defining, forecasting, and managing center capacity

  • Streamlining of contract management process, reducing operational load

  • Achievement of maximum payments with increased invoice processing

  • Reduced dependence on unorganized data mapping sources and tracking mechanisms

  • Staff training to manage provider enrollment, credentialing and contract management

  • Cloud Based Solutions for 24×7 data access, update, and management

  • Reduced DSOs for consumers and achievement of high approval rates

  • 100% compliance and avoidance of audit failures

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